Chemical industry


  • Sector information

    The Chemical Group promotes projects to modernize and create new productive capacities in order to meet national demand, substitute imports and generate exports, which includes the following activities: Rubber; Industrial and Medicinal Gases; Chlorine and Caustic Soda, with their derivatives; Paper and Cardboard with its Conversion, Glass, Fertilizers, Sulfuric Acid and Pesticides.

    As strengths of the sector, it has a qualified workforce and industries that have an infrastructure that enables technological updating for the installation of new production lines, and a micro-location of them in correspondence with the market.

Characterization of the activities of the chemical industry

  • Industrial and Medicinal Gases

    Dedicated to producing, marketing and distributing industrial and medicinal gases for all branches of the national economy, as well as public health and defense of the country. Backed by more than 80 years of experience, it is represented in all the provinces of the country.

  • Fertilizers and Pesticides:

    Intended for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, mixed and pesticides.

  • Paper and Cardboard:

    With more than 50 years of experience, there are nine plants throughout the country and an adequate distribution network

  • Chemistry

    Production of Liquid Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Cautic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen, Aluminum Sulfate and Liquid Sodium Silicates. It manufactures other light chemical products such as chlorine bleaches, descalers, dishwashers, detergents, flavorings, degreasers, and others for the treatment of swimming pool water and institutional and domestic cleaning and hygiene.

  • Rubber

    Fundamentally dedicated to the production of new tires with diagonal technology, and for recap, and the production of technical rubber articles (ATG).

  • Glass

    Production of crockery (glasses, goblets, jugs, candy bowls); and in the range of ornamentals: vases, centerpieces, ashtrays and other artistic figures. The manufacture of Flat Glass and Mirrors is incorporated, with cutting, edging, beveling, engraving, stained glass and combinations of them, as well as producing laboratory glassware, health supplies and ornamentals.

Business Oportunity


Development of a workshop for the diversification and finishing of aluminum productions of the Metalconf Company

Sector: Industry.

5.2 million USD.


Production of foam mattresses in the METALCONF Company

Sector: Industry.

80,178 USD.


Modernizing and expanding the production of pencils for writing and drawing

Sector: Industry.

86,100 USD.


Textile production

Sector: Industry.

100,000 USD.


Increased production of water-based paints

Sector: Industry.

252,042 USD.


Mini Industry of personal hygiene products

Sector: Industry.

300,000 USD.

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