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  • Sector policy

    Develop wholesale trade and exceptionally retail trade, with the objective of attracting financial resources, advanced management methods, technology and marketing techniques. The modalities of joint ventures and international economic association contracts will be used. Establish logistics operators that participate in the processes of distribution, storage and conservation of food and industrial products, that integrate supply chains from importation and national production to the end customer; as well as making it possible to increase efficiency in commercial management.

  • Sector information

    Wholesale trade in Cuba is the activity of sales of nationally produced or imported merchandise destined for producing entities, retail or wholesale traders, industrial and institutional consumers, and non-state forms of management, with priority to cooperatives. As part of the assurance of the activity, there is a wide network of warehouses (including refrigerators) that are distributed throughout the country and constitute part of the resources that intervene in the existing supply chains in internal trade. For the management of business in the sector, the Mercantile Society ALBUS SA is in charge of the realization of projects that are aimed at ensuring, as a priority, the wholesale distribution of widely used products and of the families of domestic and imported products most in demand in the country, in addition to developing supply markets that sell at wholesale prices and provide services to the state sector and non-state forms of management.


Business Oportunity


Electronic Commerce Web Platform

Sector: Efficient commerce.

100,000 USD.


Duty Free Sales Industry Development

Sector: Efficient commerce.

0 USD.


Wholesale commercialization of technical services and refrigeration, gastronomic and climate control equipment.

Sector: Efficient commerce.

5.0 million USD.


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