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  • Sector policy

    Promote comprehensive projects that enhance the migration process to digital television, allow permanent updating of audiovisual technology and the generation of entertainment and educational content, and facilitate the internationalization of audiovisual products and services, raising export levels . The Cuban side will always define and control the audiovisual content to be produced under the protection of an international economic association. The creation of totally foreign capital companies will not be allowed in this activity.

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    There are currently seven national public and open television channels in Cuba, as well as one international channel (Cubavisión Internacional) with a presence on all continents. The television industry, above all, requires constant technological updating, since it is a sector in which the use of advanced technologies and equipment increasingly determines the level of visual and sound validity of the works, a decisive fact for their subsequent production and commercialization. Cuba has a high professional level of specialists linked to the sector, which together with the creation of the necessary infrastructure, the insertion in the distribution chains and the availability of updated means and technological equipment in the market, can contribute to the promotion of exports, mainly services, in the geographic region that concerns us.


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