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Turfing services to sports and recreational facilities in Cuba and the Caribbean

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Develop appropriate technologies for the sowing and establishment of grass for sports and recreational fields, as well as intensify the current grass production of 50 ha, taking it to 100 ha in a first phase and then to 150 ha, according to the country's demand to raise the quality of the same. It is required to introduce new varieties of grass resistant to drought, shade and salinity, the most marketable in Cuba and the Caribbean, and above all, the modern irrigation equipment and machinery necessary for greater efficiency and quality in the production process. The production of certified vegetative seed for sports and recreational fields is also being sought, especially for the golf course and polo field projects that are to be built.


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Combined facilities support activities

Investment amount:

$ 20,000,000 USD.


Ministry of Higher Education

National investor:

Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes Indio Hatuey

Investment modality:

  • Joint Venture


  • Indio Hatuey Pasture and Forage Experiment Station, Municipality Perico, State Matanzas


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