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Smart platform for managing sustainable development projects



Project whose center is the development of a software ecosystem oriented to the development of solutions and services for sustainable development. This ecosystem will be designed under a scalable architecture that combines artificial intelligence techniques, technologies for work in the cloud and mobility. The platform is based on free software technologies and provides solutions for: • The management of investment and local development programs and projects. • Service packages for the development of entrepreneurship projects. • Feasibility analysis and risk management of programs and projects. • Recommendations system for photovoltaic system assembly projects. • The management of productive chains between productive environments. • Package of services for logistics management integrated to transport. • Facilities for assembling resilient business intelligence solutions. • Consulting services for organizational transformation projects. • System of recommendations for corporate sustainability. • Project conceptualization and incubation services. • Online training services in project management. The systems that make up the platform are versatile solutions applicable to different solution domains.


Telecommunications and Information Technologies


Editing of computer programs

Investment amount:

$ 150,000 USD.


Ministry of Communications

National investor:

Parque Científico Tecnológico de La Habana S.A. (3CE)

Investment modality:

  • International Economic Association Contract


  • Municipality Boyeros, State La Habana


Parque Científico Tecnológico de La Habana 3CE

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