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Provide consulting services to both national and foreign investors interested in investing in Cuba in the agro-industry sector and attract foreign investors and financing through the preparation of conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums in the national territory and abroad. Provide consulting services based on the potentialities that Cuba has, making offers to potential international investors interested in investing in the agro-industry sector and offer follow-up to the investment process until its implementation, prioritizing those that generate greater added value, that are environmentally friendly, taking advantage of the existing scientific development. It is possible to expand and replicate throughout the country as the Projects and Engineering Company of MINAG (Ministry of Agriculture) has consulting offices in all provinces of Cuba, including the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.


Professional Services


Management consulting activities

Investment amount:

$ 162,450 USD.


Ministry of Agriculture

National investor:

Empresa Nacional de Proyectos E Ingenieria del MINAG (ENPA)

Investment modality:

  • Contract for the provision of professional services


  • La Empresa de Proyectos de Ingeniería del MINAG (ENPA) situada en calle 118, No 27912 entre 279 y 283, Reparto Calabazar, Municipio Boyeros, Provincia La Habana, Municipality Boyeros, State La Habana


Empresa de Proyecto e Ingenería del MINAG

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