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National and internacional production and distribution of cassava flour

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This is an Agricultural-Industryl Development project for the production of cassava and its subsequent benefit, The purpose is to provide clean and advanced technologies, modern equipment while controlling the treatment of residuals of the cassava agribusiness, with the objectives of: - Increase cassava production, on a sustainable basis, for the production of flour that ensures less dependence on imports of other flours and similar products - Promote the obtaining of by-products destined mainly for the food industry - As a result of the rotation of crops, produce grains, such as corn and beans, of high demand for the population and for the production of animal feed.


Food production


Manufacture of grain mill products

Investment amount:

$ 2,500,000 USD.


Ministry of Agriculture

National investor:

Empresa Carbón Vegetal Tunas

Investment modality:

  • International Economic Association Contract


  • Jobabo, Municipality Jobabo, State Las Tunas


Grupo Empresarial Flora y Fauna

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