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Ecological agro-livestock project

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This is a comprehensive project for the raising of cattle in a stable with a capacity for 2000 cows and their offspring with crosses from artificial insemination at a fixed time and embryo transfer that guarantee the required quality of the meat, as well as the creation of the necessary nutritional base of grass and forage according to the required nutritional balance. Guaranteeing the conservation of the environment with the incorporation of new technologies for the use of renewable energies for irrigation systems and the treatment of livestock waste.Developing cultivation areas for feeding animals: creeping grasses for hay and forage plants such as corn, millet is foreseen.


Food production


Breeding of cattle and buffalo

Investment amount:

$ 3,000,000 USD.


Ministry of Agriculture

National investor:

Empresa Flora y Fauna Artemisa

Investment modality:

  • International Economic Association Contract


  • UEB Galope Artemisa, Municipality Candelaria, State Artemisa


Grupo Empresarial Flora y Fauna

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