Foreign investment with the participation of agricultural cooperatives

  1. The land will not be transferred as property to the joint venture in any case. In international economic associations, the contribution of the Cuban party will include the real right of usufruct or surface.

  2. The projects to be managed by the cooperatives with foreign capital will have to be oriented towards exports and the effective substitution of imports.

  3. The participation of agricultural cooperatives in foreign investment may be indirect or direct.

Indirect participation occurs through:

a) Contractual relations between agricultural cooperatives and foreign investment modalities; or

b) Contractual relations between agricultural cooperatives and state entities, and of the latter with the modalities of foreign investment.

These contractual relationships may include the supply of goods and the provision of services by agricultural cooperatives, the financing of their production, the provision of technical assistance, the provision of technological packages or others, so that the agricultural cooperatives achieve the required yields and quality.

Direct participation occurs when agricultural cooperatives participate in foreign investment modalities as part of an international economic association.

Agricultural cooperatives that participate directly in the modalities of foreign investment as part of an international economic association (international economic association contract or mixed company), do not have the obligation to have a state company or commercial company with one hundred percent Cuban capital in the association.

  1. In international economic association contracts, where the cooperative participates as a Cuban party, it will be granted the power to carry out foreign trade activities once it has the requisites for it. Otherwise, a third party specialized in this activity will have to be hired.

Projects with the participation of agricultural cooperatives


Production of high quality fresh cow's milk

Sector: Food production.

6.3 million USD.


Specialty coffee production in 5 cooperatives of "Alto de la Tagua"

Sector: Food production.

480,200 USD.


Strengthening pork, poultry, rabbit and beef production, industrial processing and packaging, as well as other agricultural production.

Sector: Food production.

901,381 USD.