General policies

  • To envisage foreign investment as a source for the economic development of the country in the short, medium and long term. Its main objectives are to have access to cutting edge technologies and managerial methods and skills; diversify and expand export markets; achieve import substitution; have access to foreign financing; create new job and obtain higher incomes from production linkages with the domestic economy.

  • To get new managerial methods and skills that contribute to achieving better market position, increase productivity and profitability, efficiency in complex investment processes, and their assimilation by the rest of the economy.

  • To give immediate priority to foreign investment aimed at replacing food imports.  

  • To encourage the development of comprehensive projects to generate production linkages in the search for collective efficiency. These projects may be negotiated with one or several investors, having a common interest.

  • In correspondence with the demographic dynamics of the country, foreign investment must allow access to the state-of-the-art technologies that increase productivity and contribute to the efficient use of the workforce.

  • To contribute to changing the energy matrix of the country by leveraging renewable energy sources, using solar and wind power, agro-industrial waste such as sugar cane, forestry and sicklebush biomass, water and biogas power.

  • To consider foreign capital participation to complement domestic scientific and technological projects, preserving intellectual property over the results obtained, especially brand names and patents created by the Cuban partner.

  • To consider foreign investment in certain economic sectors and activities as an active and fundamental element for growth.

  • To consider as priorities sectors such as agricultural and foods industry production; tourism, including health tourism; energy, especially renewable energy, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons and mining resources; construction or improvement of industrial infrastructures.

  • To guide most of foreign investment towards export sectors and towards removing bottlenecks in the production chain, encouraging modernization of infrastructure, and changing the technological model, as well as ensuring satisfaction of domestic needs to replace imports.

  • Encourage foreign investment based on a broad and diverse Portfolio of Projects. To focus promotion by stages and potential sectors/ activities and bolster the participation of investors from different countries. To prioritize massive promotion for the Special Economic Development Zones starting with the Mariel Special Economic Development Zone.

  • Consider  prioritized activities those that involve technology transfer or production chains, those that are carried out in areas of less economic development or contribute to increasing the efficiency of the production chain.

  • In the extraction of natural resources, the provision of public services, Cuban participation will always be the majority.

  • Introduce among the requirements for the approval of businesses with foreign investment, criteria that project the effect on the balance of payments over time, considering this element among the decisive indicators for approval.

  • In businesses with foreign investment, there will be no free hiring of the workforce, aside from the exceptions provided for in the Law. The figure of the employing entity will be maintained as a business organization and their objective will be to supply and control the workforce.

The salary will be conditional on the work contributed, the efficiency and the added value that the company generates. The payment of the labor force service is negotiated between the employing entity and the company with foreign capital, based on what is established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Eliminate the conceptions of salary scales and establish a minimum wage. The contracted workers will receive a salary higher than the minimum established.